Operational Business Case Development / Assessment

A Top5 Operational Assessment is the essential first step in understanding the full realm of what's possible, what is practical, and what is optimal.

Unlike traditional assessments, our approach provides actionable recommendations based on real world operations and market capabilities across a range of critical service delivery criteria. Regardless of the current delivery context (internal, shared services, managed services), a Top5 assessment considers the essential factors of service delivery transformation, operations, governance, and implementation: the processes through which the relationships between supply and demand, or needs and solutions are delivered across the enterprise.


Making changes to critical business operations is often difficult for companies to contemplate, let alone implement. When considering alternative service delivery models, a strong rationale and an informed strategy for change is just the starting point. Top5 brings real world expertise from industry leaders that reflect risks and opportunities in a realistic and pragmatic fashion - so you can make better decisions and get results that last, and results you can build on.

We provide strategic organizational and operational designs for corporate ERP implementation, technical and functional shared services centers, onshore managed services and internal service optimization with the implementation expertise to turn a business case into a reality.

Concept through Completion

Top5 business case designs include comprehensive plans and real-world experience for the realignment and optimization of internally delivered functions to a high performance service-delivery environment. You get assurance that the enterprise solution strategy for designated business support functions aligns with and supports overall corporate directions. Developed within the framework of a detailed business case, our strategy practices consider the complex spectrum of factors that drive cost, complexity and value.

Drawing on our deep strategic expertise, we ground our approach in the context of your short-term and longer-range goals for cost reduction, transformation of the business delivery environment, deployment of standard business practices, total cost of ownership, and improvement in service quality, reliability and capability, all key components of value.