Unleashing the unrealized value of IT

Creating and maintaining agile IT assets that are cost effective and efficient improve your ability to respond to new business needs and reduce the time to recognize the benefit of these systems. Success of any major IT implementation, upgrade or enhancement requires focused effort on meeting the strategic needs of your organization.

Our methodology is supported by experience, tools and work templates that are designed to:

  • Drive an infrastructure that maximizes efficiency through technology, application and infrastructure consolidation while maximizing collaboration among personnel and departments.
  • Create standardized processes to support and augment the infrastructure and operations
  • Maintain centralized repositories of all processes and applications that support stakeholders within the organization; ensuring that documentation has high relevance to business goals and is available to support and drive operational efficiencies
  • Create a competitive edge via IT based on an agile infrastructure and operations allowing rapid change to how business gets done, and gets done right.
  • Ensure that development teams are focused on high-value business requirements and results - rather than technology for technology's sake.
  • Drive lower costs for application operations, integrations and support.

Top5 practitioners bring hands on expertise and hundreds of years of real experience gained from working with industry leading companies and government enterprise. Top5 is proud to employ the top 5% of technology professionals that are ready to partner closely with our clients - we are the leading client advocacy consulting firm with clients throughout the United States.

IT Value Alignment

Driving alignment of IT services is essential to not only supporting our clients mission, but also in creating value through investment in services, capabilities and business solutions.

Based on Top5's experience in developing and implementing IT shared services models, a clear model of focused alignment between organizational strategy, governance, investments, value creation and the IT services portfolio combined with strong leadership is essential to drive success.

Top5 works with clients across the following four areas to drive high value, high performance IT:

1. Organizational Design Is the organization staffed and structured for success? What are the barriers to implementing IT Shared Services?

2. Technology Infrastructure What are the common elements deployed, and which elements are obsolete, redundant or not achieving their mission?

3. Process Improvements Are there ways to simplify operations, the number of process steps, vendors, relationships in the development, provision, operation and maintenance of core IT systems?

4. Financial Model Will the results achieve a reapportionment of spending to either reduce the IT budget, or direct available funds at high impact, high quality services?